CANoe.LIN 7.2

New Features:

LIN Support of new CANoe Option SCOPE:
  • Oscilloscope solution based on a USB scope hardware
  • Analysis of LIN protocol errors at physical and logical levels
    For more details please see SCOPE page.
Improved LIN Slave Conformance Test Module:
  • Full support of LIN2.1 conformance tests (OSI-layers 2 and 3) according to the official specification from LIN consortium
  • Automated execution using test hardware VH1100, e.g. for hardware reset and sleep mode detection
  • Automatic configuration of tests according to LDF or NCF communication description
  • Support for LIN1.x and LIN2.0 Slaves without reconfiguration
  • Synchronization with Trace window, e.g. jump to first trace event of a test case
New LIN Disturbance Block:
  • Interactive configuration and execution of LIN disturbances
  • Bit disturbances in any LIN header or response byte
  • Bus disturbances of configurable length
Easier Signal Access:
  • New symbol panels for easy modification of signals/variables
  • New signal generator type ‘user defined’
  • Signal generators as panel controls
Enhanced Diagnostic Support:
  • Greatly improved Diagnostics Console with many new features, e.g. log to file, search function, easier handling of raw services
  • Color highlighting of diagnostic events in Trace window
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