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The Development and Testing Tool for MOST Applications

CANoe.MOST combines a wide range of analysis and testing capabilities for MOST systems with a convenient user interface. Besides offering user-friendly interactive analysis of the overall system, its automated analyses and tests are especially useful in boosting efficiency in ECU development and system integration. The network services required for single component tests are provided, including the means for performing a remaining bus simulation.

CANoe.MOST supports MOST25/50/150 speed-grades

The following table offers an overview of the features of all speed-grades supported by CANoe.MOST. Much of the proven analysis functionality is available, such as Trace, Data and Graphic windows, as well as Registry and Audio windows and the Function Block Monitor. Filter options and the Interactive Generator block for stimulation of the MOST ring were also adapted to MOST50 and MOST150. Services such as AMS and the Application Socket conform to the new specification corresponding to the speed-grade.

MOST Feature MOST25 MOST50 MOST150
Control Channel Node/Spy Node/Spy Node/Spy
- CMS yes yes yes
- AMS yes yes yes
Asynchronous Channel (MDP) Node/Spy Node/Spy Node/Spy
- Raw packets yes yes yes
- MOST High Protocol (MHP) yes yes yes
Ethernet Channel (MEP) n.a. n.a. Node/Spy
System States (Light, Lock, System Lock, ...) yes1 yes yes1
Audio/Synchronous Channels
- Allocation Table yes yes yes
- LineIn/LineOut yes yes yes
- S/PDIF In/Out yes yes
- Streaming to PC yes no no
- Isochronous Channels n.a. n.a. Spy4
- Bus Load Control Channel 100% yes2 yes
- Bus Load Asynchronous Channel 100% yes2 yes
- Bus Load Ethernet Channel n.a. n.a. yes
- Unlock Generator yes no yes
- Control Channel, Asynchronous Channel, Ethernet, System States BLF, ASC, IMG, OP23, CCO3, CC33
- Synchronous Channels BIN, WAV no no
Hardware Interface VN26105 OptoLyzer 3050e VN2640

1 Precise Stable Lock and Critical Unlock assignment in VN2610 and VN2640
2 Via CAPL programs, with bus load generation restricted by the hardware interface
3 Does not contain all channels, detailed information at the author of the format
4 With VN2640 as interface
5 VN2610 is not available anymore. Option MOST25 is still executable with an already existing interface.

For the operation with MOST50 a license for the Optolyzer integration package of Vector and the hardware interface OptoLyzer G2 3050e of SMSC is needed. Interested persons should send an e-mail to the MOST product manager at Vector.

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