The Universal Development, Analysis, Stress and Test Tool
for LIN and J2602


CANoe.LIN will convince you with it´s features for developing, analyzing, stressing and testing LIN networks (specifications LIN1.x, LIN2.x), SAE-J2602 (US-LIN) and Cooling-Bus.

Development Features
CANoe.LIN offers you sophisticated LIN development features:

  • Easy simulation of LIN nodes/networks according to LDF
    (including multi-channel LIN Masters and gateways)
  • Full support of LIN2.0, LIN2.1, LIN2.2 Slave reconfiguration
  • Network management for LIN2.0, LIN2.1, LIN2.2 and J2602
  • Script functions for modelling LIN nodes (including diagnostics)
  • User-configurable and integrated panels for interactively manipulating signals, frames and scheduling
  • Support of Diagnostics Feature Set

Analysis Features
CANoe.LIN provides you with the professional analysis features of CANalyzer.LIN.

Test Features
Using the Test Feature Set (TFS) for LIN, you can easily define, control and report your own LIN tests. With the Slave Conformance Test Module you can directly integrate conformance tests into your own test configurations. This special test module the official Slave conformance tests (OSI-layers 2 and 3) for LIN1.3, LIN2.0, LIN2.1 and J2602. The test execution can be easily automated using Vector's test hardware VH1150.

Stress Features
To stress your LIN network with CANoe.LIN, no special hardware is required. Using the LIN-Stress IG or script functions you can create almost every type of LIN error. With the LIN Disturbance Block, you can interactively configure and execute recessive and dominant disturbances.

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