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CANoe .FlexRay

The Universal Development Tool for FlexRay

CANoe .FlexRay from Vector is a universal tool for analyzing distributed real-time systems. It covers all applications from network analysis, complex simulations to comprehensive test scenarios. The multibus approach enables simultaneous operation of the CAN, LIN, MOST, Ethernet and FlexRay bus systems.


  • Simulation, testing, and analysis of FlexRay systems
  • Functional and integration testing of ECUs
  • Network integration testing
  • CANoe .FlexRay in gateway operation: Simultaneous stimulation and analysis of CAN and FlexRay networks
  • Cycle Multiplexing, In-Cycle Multiplexing, Signal Groups, and Sub-Frames: clearly arranged display in analysis windows, flexible use in simulation models

Application Areas

CANoe .FlexRay is the right solution for developing the following applications:

  • FlexRay-based "data backbone" to which other buses (CAN, LIN, FlexRay) may be connected via gateways
  • Distributed controls requiring calculations that extend beyond ECU boundaries (e.g. power train and chassis)
  • Safety critical applications (x-by-wire)



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