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Figure IP / Ethernet

Development & Test Tool CANoe.Ethernet


Option .Ethernet extends the functional range of CANoe by adding Ethernet/IP-specific functions.

Screenshot Ethernet Packet Builder

  • Configuration of up to 32Ethernet channels (10/100/1000 Mbps)
  • Support of Ethernet and Ethernet-based protocols such as IP, UDP and TCP
  • Various filter options (Hardware/Measurement Setup/View)
  • Display of protocol header information in the Trace window
  • Use of your own signal protocol decoder DLLs
  • Ethernet Packet Builder for configuring and sending Ethernet packets
  • Ethernet Interactive Generator for periodic sending
  • Nodelayer DLL for accessing Ethernet from CAPL and .NET
  • Separate TCP/IP communication ­software instances for each CAPL node
  • Configurable exclusive use of Ethernet interfaces by CANoe.Ethernet
  • Logging of data traffic, including Rx/Tx direction and channel
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