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Figure IP / Ethernet

Development & Test Tool CANoe.Ethernet


Option .Ethernet extends the functional range of CANoe by adding Ethernet-specific functions.

Screenshot Ethernet Packet Builder

  • Configuration of up to 32 Ethernet channels (an Ethernet channel may comprise multiple Ethernet ports. The amount of usable ports is limited by the computing power of the used PC)
  • Support for the Vector VN5600 series of Ethernet interfaces and PC Ethernet interfaces
  • No effects on network communication by the Windows operating system or other applications thanks to the isolated Ethernet interface. This may be a necessary requirement especially in real-time systems.
  • The integration of a database based on FIBEX-4.x or AUTOSAR3.x/4.x enables the use of signal and RPC parameters.
  • Support for Ethernet and Ethernet-based protocols such as VLAN, AVB, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, DHCP, UDP, TCP, SOME/IP and DoIP
  • Various filter options (Hardware/Measurement Setup/View)
  • Display of protocol header information in the Trace Window, as well as breakdown of the Ethernet frames into individual PDUs
  • Use of individual signal protocol decoder DLLs for proprietary protocols based on Ethernet and UDP
  • Ethernet Packet Builder for configuring and sending Ethernet packets
  • Ethernet Interactive Generator for the cyclical transmission of Ethernet, UDP and TCP payload data
  • Function library for Ethernet access from CAPL or .NET
  • Interaction layer for simulation of ECUs based on SOME/IP
  • Separate TCP/IP communication software instances for each CAPL node (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Recording of data traffic, incl. Rx/Tx direction, channel and time stamp
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