Reliable simulation and test of Car2x applications

Development & Test Tool CANoe.Car2x


Option .Car2x extends CANoe by adding WLAN-specific functions, including a WLAN channel that complies with IEEE 802.11p:

  • Configure up to 8 WLAN channels for simultaneous analysis and stimulation of control and service channels.
  • Interpretation and display of protocol header information, including validity check of secured packets as well as decoding of application messages (defined in ASN.1) in the Trace Window
  • Signal analysis of application messages in State Tracker, Graphics and Data Window
  • Display multiple Car2x objects such as ITS Vehicle Stations or ITS Roadside Stations on map material including synchronization with other windows for subsequent analysis
  • Programming API for drawing any data in the Map Window
  • Programming API for access to WLAN packets including encoding and decoding of application messages as well as signature generation and signature validation
  • The Car2x Station Manager is the central unit to manage ITS Stations. With the help of the Car2x Station Manager, received messages are assigned to ITS stations that are managed in CANoe. This way, CANoe.Car2x offers not only a message based view but also an ITS station based view on the communication.
  • The Car2x Network Explorer is the user interface for Car2x databases and in addition to its display functionality it provides a possibility to search for specific elements within the complex structure of an application message. If necessary it generates CAPL code for the elements you have selected. Furthermore you may configure the transmission behavior of network nodes here.

Screenshot CANoe.Car2x

Application Areas

CANoe.Car2x supports you in developing ECUs, from planning and simulation to testing and commissioning of the overall system.

Option Car2x is especially well suited for developing applications for ECUs in the vehicle which communicate using IEEE 802.11p in conformance with ETSI ITS-G5 or IEEE 1609 - WAVE. Environment simulations are necessary to test the application's behavior in different scenarios. Here, CANoe.Car2x simulates both the environment with other vehicles (ITS Vehicle Station) and the infrastructure (ITS Roadside Station) as well as on-board networks such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, etc. (this requires the use of other bus-specific CANoe options).

It satisfies all constraints for testing the ECU in different scenarios with different parameters.

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