Diagnostics on CAN and over IP with CANoe/CANalyzer

CANoe and CANalyzer support the developer in implementing the diagnostic functionality of an ECU. They provide access to the diagnostic interface for testing ECUs.

The following approaches and functions are available for this:

  • Support of ODX 2.0.1, ODX 2.2.0, MDX and Vector CANdelaStudio (CDD) diagnostic descriptions for KWP2000 and UDS (ISO14229)
  • Interactive diagnostic tester with diagnostic console, session control and fault memory window (Diagnostic Feature Set)
  • Analysis of diagnostic communication on the service and parameter levels in Trace, Data and Graphic Windows
  • The Diagnostic Feature Set provides a dedicated OBD II tester window for each CAN bus

Additionally only with CANoe:

  • Specification/integration/regression tests in CAPL and XML based on the Test Feature Set, as test units generated by vTESTstudio or with CANoe Option DiVa
  • Simulation of the diagnostic functionality of ECUs
  • Capability of accessing all levels of diagnostic communication (CAN messages, Transport Protocol and diagnostic services) for good/bad test cases

Diagnostic Console and Fault Memory Window

Diagnostic test with CANoe

OBD II Tester Window

Diagnostics over CAN with CANoe

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