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AUTOSAR Monitoring and Debugging

CANoe Option AMD supports access to internal parameters in the ECU. It gives you extensive test options and shortens your debug times substantially.

Especially with complex ECUs or distributed functions, a pure blackbox test is no longer adequate. Access to internal information in ECUs opens up new and comprehensive test options for your application or ECU stack. AUTOSAR ECUs, in particular, offer defined interfaces for measuring and stimulating test parameters due to their structured layout consisting of basic software (BSW), a runtime environment (RTE) and software components (SWCs).


  • Easy access to internal ECU parameters over XCP
    (complete functionality of CANoe.XCP included)
  • Extensive measurement of the MICROSAR stack
    (supports all monitoring features, including generic measurement)
  • Update of A2L files with new addresses from the linker-map files via the included ASAP2 Updater

Application Areas:

  • Debugging networks and distributed systems
  • Debugging BSW and SWCs
  • Analyzing distributed functions with parallel access to multiple ECUs
  • Automated testing of functions with access to ECU memory
  • Checking the integration of BSW and RTE
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