CANlog 3 and CANlog 4

CANlog 3 and CANlog 4

Data loggers for CAN and LIN

CANlog 3 and CANlog 4 record the data communication of CAN and LIN systems. Messages will be received, saved, and evaluated according to the loaded configuration.


  • Standalone tools for various logging tasks
  • Low current consumption in sleep mode
  • Filter and trigger conditions for selective logging
  • Flexible configuring with configuration software
  • Offline analyses in CANoe, CANalyzer, CANape, and vSignalyzer


  • CANlog 3 and CANlog 4 each support up to four CAN channels.
  • CANlog 4 additionally has a CAN channel that can be used as a measurement channel.
  • The loggers record in parallel analog and digital input signals.
  • With CANlog 3 the data are saved in internal memory (max. 64 MB), and with CANlog 4 on exchangeable flash cards (max. 64 MB).
  • Events can be displayed depending on the configuration via the digital outputs and light-emitting diodes.
  • The configuration program included with the product allows you to create a configuration customized for different applications.
  • Additionally there are functions for using CANlog as a data logger, classing device and as a  gateway.

I/O Boards

For more flexibility, you can extend both CANlog devices with digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, or a LIN interface with I/O boards.

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