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CANister - The Universal Testing Device for CAN and LIN

What is CANister?

CANister is a universal, handy testing device for CAN and LIN ECUs. It is freely configurable and thus very flexible to use for controlling and testing ECUs in production or development. On test benches, CANister impresses with its many inputs and outputs. 

CANister Variants

CANister is available in three variants:

  • CANister HL (CAN high-speed, CAN low-speed)
  • CANister LinH (LIN, CAN high-speed) with terminals for both buses already provided on the housing for quick usage
  • CANister AL HL ("Assembly Line" with CAN high-speed and CAN low-speed) for rugged custom wiring


CANister supports two CAN channels or one LIN and one CAN channel. It is easily operated via 16 pushbuttons. The test results are displayed by 20 color LEDs. On test benches, control is via digital inputs and outputs or the serial interface. Other control inputs and outputs are also available for external hardware.

Application Areas

  • Rugged, easy to use testing device in assembly areas:
    • Test vehicle components, e.g. seats or doors, in pre-assembly areas
    • Control these components when they are installed in the vehicle
  • Quality assurance of components by endurance tests in both development and in assembly
  • Stand-alone remaining bus simulation of selected CAN/LIN messages
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