CANdesc - Assured and Quick Integration of Diagnostic Functionality in the ECU


Assured and Quick Integration of Diagnostic Functionality in the ECU

CANdesc (desc = diagnostic embedded software component) is the ECU diagnostic software component in the development process of the CANdela product family. CANdesc enables vehicle and electronic control unit (ECU) manufacturers to implement the diagnostic protocol uniformly across different OEMs and their vehicle lines. CANdesc supports diagnostic communication via CAN, MOST, FlexRay. Any other bus system will be also supported using an optional abstract transport layer interface.

CANdesc can be ordered seamlessly integrated in the CANbedded world and also for stand-alone usage in a supplier-specific environment. To guarantee efficiency for different OEMs and vehicles, CANdesc is fully generated code. The generation process is based on the project-specific CANdela data base in which the diagnostic requirements are captured systematically and uniquely with the diagnostic specification tool CANdelaStudio.

CANdesc: An Overview of its Advantages:

  • Quick and accurate implementation the OEM-specific diagnostic protocol
  • Automatically generated ECU diagnostic software component from the CANdela database
  • Preserved consistency between specification and implementation
  • Clear signal interface to the ECU application, thereby supporting reuse of the ECU application
  • Simplified creation of a product line concept across multiple ECU variants and vehicle OEMs
  • Reduced development costs for implementation and testing effort
  • Improved predictability of the full and correct diagnostic implementation


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