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CANdelaStudio Specification of Diagnostics ODX DTC Fault Memory

Efficient Specifying of Diagnostic Data with CANdelaStudio

What is CANdelaStudio?

The specification tool CANdelaStudio is a central component of the CANdela solution and supports users in creating and editing a formal ECU diagnostic specification.

Once a diagnostic specification has been created, it is used for the following process steps:

  • Implementing the diagnostic software
  • Automated conformity tests of the diagnostic software
  • Data supply for the various diagnostic testers in development, manufacturing and the service garage
  • Starting Point for test sequences in diagnostic testers in production and the service garage

Highlights CANdelaStudio 9.1

Extentions in the areas:

  • AUTOSAR workflow
  • Security - authorization
  • DID processing


  • Easy description of diagnostics
  • Data reusability
  • Guaranteed quick learning curve
  • Various exchange formats, protocol standards / networks


In order to handle OEM-specific differences in a single tool, CANdelaStudio supports document templates. A document template corresponds to an OEM-specific diagnostic specification in content. Document templates are provided by many automotive OEMs.

Data Exchange and Reports

  • Import from ODX (2.2, 2.0.1), export to ODX (2.2, 2.1, 2.0.1)
  • Import of CANdb, FIBEX, ARXML
  • Diagnostic specification RTF/HTML
  • Attribute values from/to CSV
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