CANdbLib - Programmierbibliothek für den Zugriff auf CAN-Datenbanken

CANdbLib - Programming Library for Access to CAN Databases


  • CANdbLib provides C++ functions to read information from CAN databases and to use them in own software tools.
  • The supplied functionality is intuitively to apply throught the object orientation.
  • Decodes signals from CAN messages to convert them into physical measurement values.
  • Measurement signals are user-friendly to interprete and to display.
  • A sample project helps to quickly learn how to use the product.
  • Set up your own databases with the included CANdb++ Editor.

What is CANdbLib Lib?

CANdbLib is a programming library that lets you use CAN databases in your own tools. The library offers sharing of DBC data with all project partners via the worldwide-used DBC format.

The library offers a convenient C++ interface (API) that makes it easy to access the data of a DBC database as well as functions for accessing signals in CAN messages.


  • Worldwide simplified data exchange between all project participants.
  • Integration of CAN databases in own tools such as your own measurement systems.
  • Raw signal data can be converted to a physical value.
  • Convenient access to all information in the DBC databases
  • Less effort required for training, development, testing and tool maintenance.

Highlights of CANdbLib 3.2

  • 64 bit support
  • Extended multiplexing
  • Standard variant of the CANdb++ Editor is included with the product
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