DBC Communication Database for CAN

The Distributed System's Backbone

In developing a distributed ECU network based on CAN, a key component is the communication description in the form of DBC files.

Described in DBC databases are the properties of the CAN network, the ECUs connected to the bus, and the CAN messages and signals.

The CANdb++ Editor offers options for visualizing the data contained in the DBC databases and for modifying the data easily. For this purpose it contains specialized, application orientated views on the data.

The CANdb++ Editor supports developers in various phases of the development process:

  • Creation of DBC files
  • Adding messages and signals to existing DBC databases
  • Definition of transmission and reception relations
  • Defining environment variables for a CANoe simulation
  • Adding special messages for test purposes
  • Adding messages for calibrating the ECUs

The DBC format is the quasi-standard for the description of CAN communication data and is supported by all Vector CAN tools.

The CANdb++ Editor is included in the delivery of most Vector CAN tools.

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