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CANdb++ Admin.J1939

The Design Environment for J1939 Networks

In developing J1939 networks, the DBC database serves as the foundation for all development steps, such as simulating and analyizing bus communication, configuring the ECU software and performing detailed ECU tests.

Features and Advantages

The functionality specifically tailored for J1939 bus systems and the integration of the database into the Vector tool chain for J1939 makes CANdb++ Admin.J1939 an important tool for developers of communication networks and suppliers of components.
CANdb++ Admin.J1939 offers functions to draw up communication matrices for complete vehicles and it enables, among other things the exposition of the signal routing via gateways and timing analysis for estimating the run-time behavior of networks. In addition, the CANdb++ data model can be customized via additional attributes to suit various requirements.


  • Various views (e.g. network, ECU, signal) to display and process the data
  • Integration of model and code generators
  • Comparison (difference display) and merge of databases
  • Import and export opportunities (DBC, XML, CSV format) for transmitting
    communication data to suppliers and project partners
  • Ensure the integrity of communication through comprehensive
    consistency tests


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