CANbedded LIN Communication

OEM-Specific Embedded Software Components for the Local Interconnect Network

CANbedded LIN Communication has already been in existence for more than 15 years now and has proven itself in some 100 projects. Over 40 combinations of hardware and compilers are supported, and upon request additional combinations will be available.

CANbedded LIN Communication is a LIN communication stack and consists of standardized software components. They support the LIN specifications 1.3, 2.0, 2.1/2.2(A) and ISO 17987:2016 as well as SAE J2602 and multi-channel LIN configurations. The components are optimized for code size and execution time to reduce their resource requirements.

Layer model of CANbedded

You can use the GENy tool and an LDF file (LIN Description File) to configure the software and thereby adapt it to the requirements of your application.

Making software reusable with uniform interfaces

The use of uniform interfaces lets you quickly port the ECU software to another hardware platform or another OEM. This reduces development and test costs.

OEM-specific software components for LIN Product information CANbedded LIN Communication
CANbedded LIN Communication is available for a large number of controllers and compilers PDF symbol Supported controllers and compilers
Extension for OEM-specific CAN-LIN gateways with signal, message or TP routing CANbedded Gateway
Extension with OEM-specific software components for CAN CANbedded

An alternative to the OEM-specific CANbedded solution is the use of AUTOSAR basic software. Vector would be glad to assist you in selecting the best solution for your special application.

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