CANbedded J1939 / ISO 11783

Embedded Software Components for J1939 Applications

The CANbedded J1939 package contains software components for SAE J1939-based applications. These components provide functions for basic communication between ECUs, as they are needed in heavy-duty vehicles. CANbedded J1939 is based on software components of the CANbedded product line; for details please refer to the CANbedded datasheet. Vector CANbedded J1939 software components are available as source code.

Layer model of CANbedded.J1939

Overview of Advantages

  • Convenient configuration via GUI
  • Code efficiency due to broad configurability of the software
  • Good portability due to hardware-independent API
  • Easy to integrate other standard components (e.g. transport protocol, diagnostics, etc.)

Application Areas

  • Powertrain and chassis ECUs in heavy-duty vehicles
  • FMS (Fleet Management System)
  • Terminals and agricultural implements
Software components for J1939 Product information CANbedded J1939
CANbedded.J1939 is available for a large number of controllers and compilers PDF symbol Supported controllers and compilers
Extension with OEM-specific software components for CAN CANbedded

An alternative to the OEM-specific CANbedded solution is the use of AUTOSAR basic software. Vector would be glad to assist you in selecting the best solution for your special application.

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