Diagnostics on CAN with CANape

Besides handling diagnostics for individual ECUs, CANape also gives the user a look at vehicle functions across ECUs by means of functional addressing. Besides the K-line and CAN, FlexRay is also supported as a physical interface. CANape can also be used to symbolically access diagnostic data and services. The description files may exist either in ODX format or in the Vector CDD format. If no special diagnostic description file exists, the supplied generic files for UDS and KWP2000 enable symbolic access to functions and raw data.

As a diagnostic tester CANape offers these functions:

  • Diagnostic console from which you can select, parameterize and execute diagnostic functions
  • Window for displaying and processing fault memory, symbolic display of DTCs, and environmental data
  • Integrated access to measurement, calibration and diagnostic data, e.g. with visualization of fault memory entries in the graphic window
  • ODX-controlled flash programming by script
  • Analysis of all aspects of diagnostic communication in the Trace Window: messages, transport protocol data, protocol data, and diagnostic data
  • Address-oriented access to A2L-defined ECU data via diagnostic functions
  • Visualization of the chronological flow of diagnostic functions
  • Scripts for automating diagnostic sequences
  • .Net, as a script language, provides many new diagnostic functions and enables exchange of scripts between Vector diagnostic tools – this eliminates the need to maintain different scripts.
  • Easy-to-use automation interface for executing diagnostic services
  • Functional addressing, e.g. use of a diagnostic function to query the IDs of multiple ECUs
  • Access to OBD data with dedicated display in the OBD Window
  • Support of 3D servers on request

Diagnostic test with CANape

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