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CANalyzer.LIN 7.2

New Features:

LIN Support of new CANalyzer Option SCOPE:
  • Oscilloscope solution for CANalyzer based on a USB scope
  • Easy analysis of LIN protocol errors at physical and logical levels
    For more details please see SCOPE page.
Ehanced LIN Diagnostic Support:
  • Interpretation of LIN diagnostics according to ODX/CANdela files
CANoe Compatibility:
  • CANalyzer configurations are now compatible with CANoe
  • You can also load the measurement setup of a CANoe configuration
New Database Management Window:
  • Overview of configured channels and assigned databases
  • Easy assignment of new databases, e.g. LDF, DBC
  • Drag & drop supported
Other Improvements:
  • Load demo configurations directly from online help
  • Errors/warnings in Write window with hyperlink to online help
  • Enhanced event filtered function for Trace window
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