The Professional Development, Measurement and Analysis Tool
for LIN and J2602


The popular Vector software tool CANalyzer.LIN provides you with measurement and analysis features for the specifications LIN1.x, LIN2.x, SAE-J2602 (US-LIN) and Cooling-Bus.

Analysis Features

  • Network analysis according to LDF Interpretation of LIN2.0,LIN2.1, LIN2.2 configuration commands
  • Interpretation of diagnostics according to ODX/CANdela-Dateien
  • Detailed error and event detection
  • Numerical and graphical visualization of signals
  • Configurable display panels
  • Network Management Window
  • Network and node statistics with LIN Statistics Monitor
  • Logging, replay, filter and trigger blocks

Node Simulation
A Master (or Slave node) can be easily simulated according to LDF. You can control a Master’s scheduler either interactively using the LIN Interactive Master block or by programming a CAPL script.

Trace window for LIN:
The Trace window for LIN not only displays LIN frames, errors and events, but also shows all relevant LIN timings.

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