Network Analysis Tool CANalyzer.Ethernet

The analysis tool for embedded systems with CAN and Ethernet

Option .Ethernet lets you extend CANalyzer by adding support of Ethernet/IP- based systems. Exclusive use of Ethernet interfaces on the PC prevents Windows and other applications from affecting the real-time Ethernet system.

Overview of Advantages

Embedded Ethernet:

  • Extraction of periodic signals from Ethernet packets and their display in Data and Graphic windows
  • Send out user-configured (even faulty) Ethernet packets configured with Ethernet Packet Builder
  • Analyze communication between different networks (Ethernet and CAN) via gateways
  • No effect on network communication by the Windows operating system or other applications thanks to isolated network interface. This may be a necessary requirement, especially in real-time systems.

CANalyzer.IP configuration for displaying signals. The Ethernet protocol and signal decoding are analyzed in the Trace Window. Filter for reducing the number of packets.