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CANalyzer wird 20!

Now and in future:

The Standard for Bus-Analysis

CANalyzer History

The introduction of the CAN bus in 1987 created entirely new opportunities for using electronics in the automobile: Within just a few years, electronics supported the powertrain, provided driver assistance and convenience features which until then were simply not feasible. Technical requirements for analyzing bus communications grew immensely.

Even as the CAN bus was being developed, Dr. Helmut Schelling, Martin Litschel, and Eberhard Hinderer – who would later become the three founders of Vector - anticipated these requirements. Convinced of the enormous market potential for the CAN bus, in 1988 they founded a company known as "Vector Software GmbH" and developed the world’s first CAN bus analysis software: CANalyzer. In 1992, CANalyzer Version 1.0 debuted on the market (as the first Vector product), and it continues to be a success story right up to today.

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CANalyzer Version History
Get an impression of the full history starting with CANalyzer 3.0 in the year 2000 up to now.

Here you will get an overview of all servicepacks and the developed features:
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