CAN solutions by Vector

Vector Solutions for CAN and CAN FD


Use of CAN

CAN technology is used in the automotive, industrial automation and aerospace industries, in which OEMs and suppliers are confronted with many types of challenges. Vector supports you with professional tools, basic software and services.

Overview of advantages

  • Sophisticated products and competent services by years of experience in the
    automotive networking industry
  • Support of new CAN FD technology
  • Universal multi-bus tool chain for easy integration of new technologies into existing vehicle architectures


Agile CAN FD projects

The success of your project is our first priority. Take advantage of our know-how: Your First Supplier

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Development and Testing

Develop and test your ECUs efficiently and reliably with special software and hardware from Vector.


The following products from Vector support vehicle diagnostics for CAN and CAN FD:

Calibration and Flashing

The following Vector products enable the re-programming, measurement and calibration of individual control units via CAN and CAN FD:D:

Real-Time Solutions

Vector offers solutions with deterministic time behavior for real-time critical applications, such as the simulation of complex networks or bypassing.

Webinars & Trainings

Webinar recording

The following webinar recording presents the advantages of CAN solutions from Vector. It gives you an insight into CAN FD, how it differs from CAN and how the CANoe and CANalyzer software tools can assist you in your CAN FD projects:

Introduction to CAN FD
(live stream,
approx. 55 min.)

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If you would like to get detailed information on CAN and CAN FD visit our one-day CAN Fundamentals Seminar.

During the seminar you will get a general introduction to serial bus systems in the motor vehicle and a basic knowledge of CAN (Controller Area Network). This includes the characteristics of the physical layer (High-/Low-Speed-CAN) and information on the CAN protocol (bus access methods, framing, bit timing, bit stuffing etc.).


As a quick start in CAN also simply use our e-learning platform: