Interfaces & ECU Drivers

Simple integration of drivers and interfaces in ECUs

CCP and XCP are protocols being used today that have been standardized on the initiative of ASAM. Vector supports you by offering free sample implementations of CCP or XCP in your ECU. You can obtain the relevant driver as a free download.

In addition, you can benefit from Vector’s comprehensive consultation and integration services for all aspects of your ECU software. CCP or XCP can be integrated as part of an embedded protocol stack and can be supplied as a complete package. Individual adaptation to your requirements can be performed quickly and conveniently with GENy, the configuration and generation tool for embedded software components.

Supporting you in accessing internal ECU signals

The following solution is available to you for high-performance access to the ECU:

Integration of CCP and XCP software modules in the ECU CCP/XCP Modules
Communication between CANape and ECU takes place via XCP, CCP or via microcontroller-specific interfaces with the VX1000 hardware. CANape
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