Detailed ECU diagnostics in the laboratory and in the vehicle

The diagnostic test plays a crucial role in developing diagnostic functions in the ECU. CANape, Indigo and CANoe give you symbolic access to all data and functions that are accessible via the diagnostic protocol. A special description file supplies all diagnostic-specific information. [continue to "Diagnostic description file"]

Symbiosis of measurement/calibration and diagnostics

In CANape, control elements for measuring and calibrating are configured by symbolic selection of signals and parameters. The measurement and calibration protocols used are completely transparent to users. Vector has fully applied this concept to diagnostic protocols in CANape. This means that the output parameters of diagnostic functions can be acquired like measurement signals and be displayed over time in the relevant display windows. Just like calibration parameters, you can insert the input parameters of diagnostic functions in calibration windows and modify them. In making parameter changes, the relevant diagnostic function is executed in the ECU.

Supporting you in diagnostic testing

The following tools simplify reliable ECU diagnostics in the laboratory and in the vehicle:

CANape’s integrated Diagnostic Feature Set gives you symbolic access to diagnostic data and services, providing the functionality of a full-fledged diagnostic tester CANape
Easy to use diagnostic tester, which is largely self-configuring and conceals the complexity of the diagnostic protocols Indigo
Diagnostics on CAN and over IP with CANoe
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