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Soziales Engagement

Our Commitment to Research and Education

(an overview of current activities)

Vector Germany is actively committed to the following charitable causes:

Wissensfabrik ("knowledge factory")

Die Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V. (nonprofit organization "Knowledge factory – businesses for Germany e.V.") is a group of companies and business-related foundations that sponsors educational projects, start-up companies and young entrepreneurs. The knowledge factory wants to make Germany a more viable place to do business in the future, and to prepare the next generation for global competition.

We at Vector have already partnered with this organization since 2012, and we are living out the idea of the knowledge factory. Over that time period, Vector has successfully initiated more than 10 educational partnerships with schools in the communities of our business sites. The projects "KiTec - Kinder entdecken Technik" ("KiTec – children discover technology") and "Power4School – Schüler entdecken Energie" ("Power4School – pupils discover energy") have given children in-depth experience of technology. We have also provided extensive consultation services to 24 start-ups, winners of the Wecoonomy competition.

In all of these projects Vector employees have been able to excite young people about technology, the natural sciences and business and to promote knowledge exchange between start-ups and established businesses.

Formula Student
Students from various faculties at international universities are passionately involved in the Formula Student racing team. Since 2009 Vector has been supporting this practical project consisting of several teams through hardware and software, embedded operating systems, and above all expertise. Vector's commitment here improves the practical education of students in this worldwide racing series.

This year Vector supports the following teams as premium or gold partner:

Bodensee Racing Team, HTWG Konstanz
Bremergy e.V. , University of Bremen
BRS Motorsport e.V., University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
CAT-Racing, HS Coburg
DART Racing, TU Darmstadt
E.Stall Esslingen, University of Esslingen
e-gnition Hamburg, TU Hamburg
E-motion Rennteam Aalen e.V.
Ecurie Aix - Formula Student Team, RWTH Aachen
Einstein Motorsport, University of Ulm
fastforest, THD Deggendorf
FaSTTUBe - TU Berlin
Green Voltage Racing, TU Clausthal
Global Formula Racing, DHBW Ravensburg
GreenTeam, University of Stuttgart
HAWKS Racing e.V., HAW Hamburg
HHN Racing e.V., University of Heilbronn
High Speed Karlsruhe, University of Karlsruhe
Infinity Racing, University of Kempten
KA-RaceIng, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
LA eRacing e.V., HS Landshut
municHMotorsport e.V. , HS München
Rennschmiede Pforzheim e.V., University of Pforzheim
Rennteam Uni Stuttgart e.V.
Running Snail, OTH Amberg - Weiden
Strohm + Söhne e.V., HS Nürnberg
Team Starcraft e.V., TU Ilmenau
TMM Motorsport, HS Mittweida
WHZ Racing Team, FH Zwickau

Bern Formula Student, FH Bern
Oxford University Racing
Team Bath Racing Electric
Team SURTES, Surrey University Racing Technology & Engineering Solutions
UPC ecoRacing, Barcelona

DIAN Racing, Tongji University
eRacing, Southeast University
Jilin University Racing, Jilin University
Support of Colleges
Technical colleges and universities need discounted software and hardware as well as free equipment leases to provide a modern education. The focus of Vector's support is on colleges located near Vector business sites that offer educational programs in technological areas relevant to Vector. Vector employees share their special know-how in computer science and electrical engineering with colleges in the context of teaching projects and guest speaker events. On trips to various Vector sites student groups can experience development at Vector first hand.

Open the EcoCAR website


The Department of energy of the United States and General Motors have started this project together with other partners to help students building a vehicle optimized on minimal energy consumption. Vector supports the project with CANoe and CANape software.

Open the news message about Vector's co-operation with Evomotiv


Evomotiv is working on an alternative drive-train concept for light city vehicles in cooperation with the University of applied sciences Offenburg (Germany). Vector supports the project with CANoe for the rest-of-bus simulation, and for analysis/monitoring during the test runs.

Vector supports students on technical courses with very good grades through scholarships. Vector currently works together with the college at Esslingen, the OTH Regensburg, and the colleges at Reutlingen and Mannheim by providing individual scholarship programs. You will find more information here.

Through its Germany scholarship, Vector supports more than 120 scholars from various disciplines at 12 colleges.
Career Counseling: BORS / BOGY
In the framework of BORS (career counseling at middle schools) and BOGY (career and educational counseling at college-prep high schools) Vector gives primary education students a first look at the occupational world. These practical seminars focus primarily on the IT area (careers as IT specialists or IT system purchasing agents). You will find more information here.
Girls‘ Day
Girls’ Day is a project by the organization "Kompetenzzentrums Technik-Diversity-Chancengleichheit e. V." ("Competence center for technical diversity and equal opportunity e.V."). Vector has been participating in the “Girls‘ Day” campaign since 2003. Here, girls learn about Vector and individual development areas in theory and practice.

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