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Partner with Vector for your next AUTOSAR project

AUTOSAR - A Choice for the Future!

Partner with Vector for your next AUTOSAR project

AUTOSARVector provides a field-proven AUTOSAR solution which is tuned to your needs – offering a comprehensive tool range of design and development tools, ECU software and services around AUTOSAR.

Depending on the supported OEM you get the Vector AUTOSAR solution for the AUTOSAR releases 4.2, 4.1, 4.0 and 3.2.


Model-based design of software and hardware architecture with full AUTOSAR support PREEvision
Design of software components DaVinci Developer
Configuration and generation of AUTOSAR basic software (BSW) and the runtime environment (RTE) DaVinci Configurator Pro
Multibus-tool for testing, simulation, diagnostics and analysis of networks and distributed systems CANoe

AUTOSAR Basic Software

ECU software including the AUTOSAR basic software (BSW) and runtime environment (RTE) MICROSAR
List of supported microcontroller and compiler for hardware-specific BSW modules Weitere Details finden Sie im Dokument. Availability list

AUTOSAR Training

Free of charge E-learning about objectives, concepts and methodology of AUTOSAR AUTOSAR E-Learning
Modular bookable workshop on theory and practice - for AUTOSAR 3 as well as AUTOSAR 4 and also on the special features of different vehicle manufacturers AUTOSAR Workshop
Free of charge webinars on many AUTOSAR topics: basics, system description, basic software, testing, ... AUTOSAR Webinare

AUTOSAR Services

Projects and services for AUTOSAR AUTOSAR Services

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