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ASAP2 Tool-Set: Creating, Checking, Updating, Merging, Comparing and Modifying ASAP2 Files

Easily Create and Edit ECU Description Files

What is ASAP2 Tool-Set?

One prerequisite for using CCP and XCP as measurement and calibration protocol is the existence of an ASAP2 description file. The ASAP2 Tool-Set is used to create and check this file:

  • Automatically generate ASAP2 files based on C-code comments
  • Update the address and data type information
  • Merge multiple ASAP2 files into one joint file
  • Compare two ASAP2 files with results documentation in a log file
  • Check ASAP2 files for syntactic and semantic errors
  • Search filters enable specific modifications and optimizations of ASAP2 files
  • Dialog-based creation and visualization of A2L files with the Editor


  • The ASAP2 Tool-Set offers extensive and convenient support in editing ASAP2 description files
  • Programs can be integrated in a Makefile process
  • Warnings and error messages can be stored in a log file
  • All versions released by ASAM can be edited
  • The interface-specific parts of the ASAP2 file are interpreted and rewritten to the output file based on the given meta language

Highlights of Version 11.0

  • ASAP2 Editor adds dialog-based editing of A2L files to the Tool-Set
  • UTF-8- and UTF-16-encoded ASAP2 files are readable
  • Configurable encoding of the generated files as ASCII or UTF-8
  • Automatic correction of semantic errors and generation of a new correct file
  • Result of syntactic and semantic checks in the easy-to-read HTML report

ASAP2 Generation Process

Creating, Checking, Updating, Merging, Comparing and Modifying ASAP2 Files

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