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Vector Solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The following products from Vector assist you in validating object data and testing image processing algorithms:

CANape This measurement and calibration tool lets you acquire sensor and ECU data, optimize an algorithm and stimulate real or virtual ECUs.
CANape Driver Assistance This optional CANape extension lets you verify the results of the ADAS algorithms. Detected objects from the vehicle are shown from a bird's eye perspective and superimposed on the video image.
vADASdeveloper vADASdeveloper provides an infrastructure for developing algorithms for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving. The tool reduces your workload in developing sensor data fusion applications.
BASELABS Create This highly developed algorithm framework, which contains probability filtering and tracking, assists you in developing efficient complex sensor data fusions.
VX1000 This measurement and calibration hardware utilizes the standardized XCP-on-Ethernet protocol for high-performance data transfer between the ECU's controller interface and the PC.
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