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2015-07-28 CANape Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANape Versions and Supported Hardware.
2015-07-28 rating Views: 377
2015-07-21 Lync Client Crashes on Startup
Issue: Lync client crashes on startup with error message: ‘Microsoft Lync has stopped working’ Background: Lync is an instant messaging...
2015-07-21 rating Views: 57
2015-07-20 CANape 14 Crashes Because of a Running Instance of the Tool “PC Optimizer Pro”
Issue: CANape 14 crashes because of a running instance of the tool “PC Optimizer Pro” Solution: The „OptProCrash.dll” of the Tool...
2015-07-20 rating Views: 56
2015-07-14 Information regarding binlog.dll
binlog.dll and also the logging format descriptions (which are provided together with CANoe starting V7.6 under the installation folder...
2015-07-14 rating Views: 368
2015-07-14 CANdelaStudio Doesn't Work Properly
Issue: CANdelaStudio doesn't work properly Solution: Please send to Vector support ( the last CANdela Log file that can be...
2015-07-14 rating Views: 99
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2014-11-21 Conversion of an Integer Value to a Character Array
To convert an integer value to a character array and set it as string system variable, use the following CAPL Code: // definition of a character...
2014-11-21 rating Views: 3452
2015-06-29 Operating Systems Supported by Vector Products
This document provides an overview about the operating systems supported by Vector products like illustrated in this picture:
2015-06-29 rating Views: 2714
2014-11-25 Add Value to the End of a List Parameter
Question: I have a list parameter with some values. Now I want to add a new value at the end of the list. How can I do that? Answer: Select the...
2014-11-25 rating Views: 2551
2015-04-10 Compatibility of MICROSAR RTE and DaVinci Developer
A correct configuration of the MICROSAR RTE is only possible if you use a dedicated version of the DaVinci Developer. Please click on the following...
2015-04-10 rating Views: 2464
2014-11-26 "Error occurred when accessing SeedKey.dll - The buffer was too small"
Issue: Test fails due to „Error occurred when accessing SeedKey.dll - The buffer was too small“ Background: This error is due to a return...
2014-11-26 rating Views: 2419