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2016-08-18 Vector Tools for CAN FD
Question: Which Vector Tools support CAN FD? Answer: CAN FD DBC database suppport: CANoe/CANalyzer full CAN FD protocol support since version...
2016-08-18 rating Views: 1252
2016-08-18 How Can I Generate a CAN FD Frame with BRS Enabled?
Question: How can I activate the Bit Rate Switch (BRS)? Answer: The BRS bit decides whether the optional higher bit rate in the data phase of a...
2016-08-18 rating Views: 82
2016-08-11 Operating Systems Supported by Vector Products
This document provides an overview about the operating systems supported by Vector products like illustrated in this picture:
2016-08-11 rating Views: 4402
2016-08-10 How to Flash VN8912(A) Image?
Question: How to flash VN8912(A) Image? Answer: Disconnect VN8912(A) from powersupply Remove Plug-In Module (VN8950/VN8970/VN8972), therefore...
2016-08-10 rating Views: 55
2016-08-10 How to Run Scripts in CANape?
Question: How to run scripts in CANape? Answer: There are different ways how scripts can be executed in CANape: in CANape task manager...
2016-08-10 rating Views: 155
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2016-06-27 File Extensions Used in Vector Tools
File type Purpose Software .a2l ECU description, measurement, calibration CANape, ASAP2 Tool-Set, ASAP2 Editor, ASAP2 Lib,...
2016-06-27 rating Views: 8888
2016-04-04 Enable the Classic Logging Format (CANoe/CANalyzer 7.2 and Prior Versions)
Starting with CANoe/CANalyzer 7.5, new logging file formats are introduced. The log file now contains more information which is e. g. useful for...
2016-04-04 rating Views: 8423
2014-12-01 Logging Formats
Logging files will be written in Logging Blocks, exported from Analyze Blocks or can be a result of a file conversation. These logging files can...
2014-12-01 rating Views: 7739
2016-05-03 CANdela Diagnostic Converters (Persistors)
Issue: CANdelaStudio or another Vector diagnostic tool fails to open a CANdela document (CDD file) because it does not support the document...
2016-05-03 rating Views: 7688
2015-08-13 CAPL Documentation
The full and up-to-date CAPL reference is contained in the help function of your Vector tool: In the installation directory of CANalyzer or...
2015-08-13 rating Views: 7564