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2015-11-23 Visualizing a Camera Picture
Question: How to visualize a camera picture in CANape? Answer: To visualize a camera picture in CANape, please follow this instruction: ...
2015-11-23 rating Views: 238
2015-11-12 VX1000 Base Modules: Standby Mode
VX1060 Base Modules labeled with "ECO" and all VX1132 Base Modules support a standby mode. These devices can enter a power-saving state which is...
2015-11-12 rating Views: 88
2015-11-12 Reducing the Latency on a Bypass Function
Priority threshold in VXconfig In VXconfig there is an option to define a value for a priority threshold. This value can be set between 0(lowest...
2015-11-12 rating Views: 83
2015-11-12 How to Make Changes in StatusOfDtc of a CDDT?
Question: How to make changes in StatusOfDtc of a CDDT? Answer: with CANdelaStudio >=8.0 The bits of StatusOfDtc can only be changed...
2015-11-12 rating Views: 64
2015-11-11 Adjusting the VX1000 Ethernet Settings
IP Address of the VX1000 base module All VX1000 base modules are delivered with the IP-Address Firewall Settings To be able to...
2015-11-11 rating Views: 101
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2014-11-21 Conversion of an Integer Value to a Character Array
To convert an integer value to a character array and set it as string system variable, use the following CAPL Code: // definition of a character...
2014-11-21 rating Views: 5481
2014-11-21 Information about ASC/BLF Logging File Formats
Starting with CANoe/CANalyzer 7.5, new logging file formats are introduced. The log file now contains more information which is e. g. useful for...
2014-11-21 rating Views: 3918
2015-11-11 File Extensions Used in Vector Tools
File type Purpose Software .a2l ECU description, measurement, calibration CANape, ASAP2 Tool-Set, ASAP2 Editor, ASAP2 Lib,...
2015-11-11 rating Views: 3733
2015-08-24 CANdela Diagnostic Converters (Persistors)
Issue: CANdelaStudio or another Vector diagnostic tool fails to open a CANdela document (CDD file) because it does not support the document...
2015-08-24 rating Views: 3712
2015-08-24 Compatibility of MICROSAR RTE and DaVinci Developer
A correct configuration of the MICROSAR RTE is only possible if you use a dedicated version of the DaVinci Developer. Please click on the following...
2015-08-24 rating Views: 3358