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2017-01-13: Technical Article: E/E Development for Future Vehicle Innovations
2017-01-09: Press Release: Vector Enables Flashing of Linux-Based ECUs According to OEM Requirements
2016-12-15: Vector Season's Greetings 2016
2016-12-12: Technical Article: PREEvision for Next Generation E/E Architectures
2016-12-06: Look Forward: Vector CAN FD Symposium 2017 - Practical Experiences by Industry Experts
2016-11-29: Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks with vMeasure exp
2016-11-23: E/E Engineering Knowledge – The PREEvision Webinars 2016
2016-11-03: Technical Article: Testing the Unique - the Biggest Aircraft
2016-10-31: Calibrating ECUs Optimally – CANape 15.0 with Many Enhancements

Automotive and ECU developers are supported by the many detailed improvements.

2016-10-21: Award for Vector for Contributions to Software Estimation
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