vCDM: Professional Calibration Data Management

What is vCDM?

vCDM is the database-supported platform for calibration teams. The intuitive guided user mode helps calibrators to get familiar with vCDM. An expert user mode is optimized to efficiently process calibration data in large projects.

Work results are efficiently merged, and potential data conflicts are avoided or detected and resolved. All data changes are seamlessly tracked.

Global distribution of teams is supported by a modern application architecture. Calibration data is graphically displayed and manually processed with the proven CDM Studio Editor as a powerful work environment for the calibrator.

Large data mining and report functions improves permanently the efficinecy of your calibration process.


  • Team-efficient; avoid, detect and resolve data conflicts
  • Seamless revision history
  • ECU-independent storage of calibration data for evaluations and reports
  • Open programming interfaces

Highlights of Version 4.8

  • Collaboration on the road: export a calibration project to a lightweight vCDM system and import changes later into the central database
  • OEM / supplier data exchange: Calibration data is exchanged between two vCDM systems, work split of OEM and supplier can be configured
  • Enhanced work package editor
  • Excel export and import for bulk manipulation of data

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