vCDM: Professional Calibration Data Management

What is vCDM?

vCDM is the database-supported platform for calibration teams. Work results are efficiently merged, and potential data conflicts are avoided or detected and resolved. All data changes are seamlessly tracked.

A large number of variants can be controlled by meta data, organization of dependencies, components, automatic calculation of parameter value and re-use of work packages. Datasets are consistent and have high data quality. Data mining and report functions improve the quality and efficiency of your processes.

Calibration data is graphically displayed and manually processed with the proven CDM Studio Editor as a powerful work environment for the calibrator.


  • Team-efficient; avoid, detect and resolve data conflicts
  • Seamless revision history
  • ECU-independent storage of calibration data for evaluations and reports
  • Open programming interfaces

Highlights of Version 5.2

  • Support for corporate IT security requirements
  • Web-/Cloud-based deployments
  • Improved parameter permission editor
  • Improved management of large number of variants
  • Rule based lifecycle management of datasets
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