Test Creation with Test Automation Editor 2.1

Convenient creation of CANoe test modules for ECU testing

Test sequences are created, maintained and executed during many development phases of individual ECUs and networked systems.XML test modules in CANoe give you an ideal abstraction level for test sequences, which can be used in all phases of development.The test sequences consist of a structured sequence of test cases.The test cases in turn are created by parameterizing prepared test patterns, or by configuration of test cases from CAPL libraries. Test modules and test cases can be created conveniently and quickly using the Test Automation Editor.

View of the Test Automation Editor

TAE Screenshot

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New Functions in Version 2.1

  • Possibility to define a test sequence with flow control:It is possible to use basic control flow elements (if/loop)within test cases.
    Requires CANoe 7.6 SP3 at least.
  • Parameterization of fault memory test functions also for KWP2000 protocol.
    Requires CANoe 7.6 SP3 at least.
  • Better support of Microsoft's Input Method Editor for Japanese language support.
  • DOORS integration: Compatible to DOORS 8.1 up to 9.4
  • Workstations with multiple displays supported


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