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Model-based Test Design with Vector OpenTest

Methodology and Software Framework for Model-Based Design of ECU Tests

In OpenTest, tests are modeled in a graphic notation. This gives test designers a form of modeling that is adapted to the domains of ECU testing. The tests are modeled on an abstract level, independent of the specific HIL system on which they are executed.

OpenTest SchemeThis approach lets you easily identify re-usable test steps and test sequences and share them with other test designers. The graphic description format makes it very easy to conduct reviews with all project participants.

Currently, OpenTest supports the test automation system CANoe from Vector. Its framework character makes it easy to integrate other HIL systems.


  • Modeling of ECU tests in test-specific graphical notation
  • HIL-independent design of tests.
    Executable HIL scripts are automatically generated using an interchangeable HIL adaptation layer. Test designers do not need to know the details or description languages of the HIL systems being used.
  • Design of common test models for the different variants of a software product line
  • Modeling of variant-specific test sequences, hierarchical definition of variants with their specific parameters
  • Integration in the development environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. All Visual Studio functions are available such as IntelliSense, use of libraries, wizards, project management, etc.
  • Automatic creation of Traceability Matrices that list requirements which are covered by tests.
  • Easy adaptation to HIL systems. Vector CANoe is currently supported. Others can be supplied upon request.

Practical Use

 Since 2006, OpenTest has been used in productive operations at Robert Bosch GmbH to test mechatronic systems. The uniform methodology and its implementation via OpenTest as a software tool significantly improve efficiency in creating tests.

User Interface

OpenTest Screenshot

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