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ODXStudio is a user-oriented authoring tool for diagnostic data in ODX format.

View and Edit ODX Diagnostic Data – Simply and Conveniently with ODXStudio

What is ODXStudio?

ODXStudio is a user-oriented authoring tool for diagnostic data in ODX format. As the optimal platform for a native ODX process, it offers full support of ODX data of all categories:

  • ODX-D (diagnostic data)
  • ODX-C (communication parameter)
  • ODX-V (vehicle topology)
  • ODX-F (flash data container)
  • ODX-E (ECU coding data)
  • ODX-FD (mapping to functions)


Highlights of ODXStudio 3.2

  • Overview on states
  • Exchange of table data, e.g. with Excel
  • Integration of external programs
  • Enabling OEM perspectives


  • Efficient creation of new ODX data based on master projects that already offer a project framework including standard libraries and default settings.
  • Convenient search function
  • Extensive filter functions
  • Powerful comparison view
  • Simplified view of ODX-D 2.2.0 data based on the ODX-RS standard
  • Report generation in HTML / RTF
  • Import of CDD data


  • Specialized views for ODX data
  • Integrated ODX checker
  • Loss-free “roundtrip” functionality
  • Support of OEMspecific authoring guidelines

Application Areas

  • Diagnostics development of individual ECUs up to the level of entire vehicle platforms
  • Designed for users working at automotive OEMs and at suppliers.
  • Users with different types of knowledge are supported in their work by different perspectives of ODX data
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