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News & Events

2016-07-19: Unveiling Digital Disruption: Start-ups Show Digital Technologies of Tomorrow
2016-07-14: 6 New Videos with Valuable Practical Knowledge – Mastering Calibration & Configuration Data
2016-07-07: VN1630 log - the new Network Interface with Recording Feature
2016-06-30: Model-based Wiring Harness Development with PREEvision
2016-06-16: New Version Indigo 4.5 – now Supporting Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Based on J1939

Indigo 4.5 – now Supporting Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Based on J1939

2016-05-24: Validate and Sort MDF Files as Well as Read Them Into Your Own Applications Easily
2016-04-22: Editing A2L Files Extensively and Easily with New Version 11.0 of ASAP2 Tool-Set
2016-04-19: Vector is Innovation Partner of the CODE_n Contest
2016-04-15: Integrated debugger for universal controller simplifies the first steps in the development of ECUs
2016-04-12: Technical Article: Full transparency with Automotive Ethernet - Finally seeing what is really happening
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