2014-10-17: Vector Congress 2014
2014-10-14: New Diagnostics Webinar series: get extensive expert knowledge with useful tips and tool demos
2014-10-09: Case Study: Safety-related lifecycle validation of automotive battery systems
2014-10-09: Now available: AUTOSAR 4.1 Reference Chart
2014-10-08: Vector and BASELABS Jointly Support the Development of Electronics for Automated Driving
2014-10-02: Case Study BMW: Rapid control prototyping for functional development of dynamic driving systems
2014-08-12: PREEvision 7.0 offers FlexRay and CAN FD support
2014-07-29: Calibrating ECUs optimally – CANape 13.0 with many enhancements

Automotive and ECU developers are supported by the many detailed improvements.

2014-07-22: Extended AUTOSAR Glossary - Now AUTOSAR 4.1 and the Ethernet modules are included

Now included: AUTOSAR 4.1 and the Ethernet modules

2014-07-22: KTM motorcycle development - successful and efficient specification of diagnostic requirements using CANdelaStudio
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