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CANdelaStudio 6.5 SP1


With Service Pack 1, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved
  • Preserve TextId of Vehicle System Groups in document upgrade (EIP13794) Improvements for DTC Pool and DTC Overview (EIP16334, EIP15968)
  • Avoid loss of INI path after installation of other Vector tools (EIP16319)
  • Job parameters are not updated (EIP15815)
  • Update textual mappings of text table data types already in use (EIP13916)
  • Avoid overlapping ranges of computations when merging piecewise linear data types (EIP16045)
  • Remember the last language CANdelaStudio 6.5 was started in (EIP16005)
User interface improvements
  • Show telegram table full-screen (EIP13914)
  • Easy access to revision history (EIP7530)
  • Use company-specific dictionary (EIP547)
  • Improve layout of property page "ODX Export" in Options dialog (EIP12815)
  • Show unit in datatype list (EIP13273)
  • Feature "Client sets SPRMIB" (EIP14711)
  • Support variant selection in data synchronization in import pool (EIP13981)
  • Show result of external checker in output window (EIP13574)
  • Optionally show OID differences(EIP12716)
  • Make creation of complex datatypes less prominent (EIP15497)
  • Preserve properties when activating / deactivating a DTC status bit (EIP15490)
TextID features
  • Open TextID dialog on local context (EIP14722)
  • Optionally compute missing TextIdentifiers (TID) in Pro edition when saving document (EIP11974)
  • No modification TextIDs at datatypes / units from ECU-SHARED-DATA (EIP15283)
  • Show TextID (TID) in Standard View (EIP11848)
Other Exports
  • Template Save As... with filter to Template Specific Audiences (EIP8168)
Customer specific
  • Support VAG Kundendienst files (EIP16208)
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