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CANoe Option DiVa 2.5 SP1


Required CANoe version: 7.5 SP2

New Features:

  • ODX: State dependency templates are now created with a meaningful state dependency pre-set (UDS and VW)
  • GUI: DTC Setting Dialog now also supports float values
  • GUI: If the protocol standard can not be detected in the diagnostic data then the user is allowed to select it manually
  • GUI: Import in CANoe for Non-CAN network now informs the user to configure the diagnostic options manually
  • Test: Sweep does now consider service specifics (e.g. for Routine and IO Control)
  • Test: ServiceAndIdScanner test is now also available for Non-CAN networks
  • Test: Scan-Ranges can now be excluded from ServiceAndIDScanner test
  • Report Analysis: A Requirement Overview now provides a printable requirement-oriented view of the test results
  • Report Analysis: Enabled horizontal scrolling for Trace Window

Issues solved:

  • GUI: When loading a CANoe.DiVa 2.2 test report to CANoe.DiVa 2.5 an incorrect "The report is not a result of the last generated test module" is prompted
  • GUI: Data Customization: Problems fixed with arrays > 250Bytes and parameters of undefined max. size
  • GUI: Data Customization: "Show Only selected Services" did not work in all cases
  • GUI: Data Customization: Editing a parameter with a range which has no lower/upper limit was not supported
  • GUI: Sometimes it was not possible to delete all sweep value ranges
  • Test: It was not always waited (if configured) after a Clear DTC request
  • Test: Automatic DTC Setting: A warning is now written to the test report if an active stimulation is not restored at test end
  • Test: GM: The ControlDTCSetting service was not used in SimpleRequest tests
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