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CANoe Option DiVa 2.2 SP3


Required CANoe version:

  • Vector CANoe 7.2 SP3

New Features:

  • DTC View now saves the display format (SAE/Hex)
  • GUI Improvements for chinese Windows
  • New UDS Test: Clear unsupported DTCs
  • New UDS Test: ReadDTCInformation with invalid DTCMask Record/DTCSeverityMaskRecord
  • New UDS Test: ReadDTCInformation with invalid DTCSnapshotRecordNumber/DTCExtendedDataRecordNumber
  • New UDS Test: Communication Control: unsupported CommunicationType or Subnet Number

Issues solved:

  • Archive Mini Report now also works if trace file is missing/deleted
  • Text search in Online help works again
  • Session dependency NRC for Service 0x31 RoutineControl was not calculated correctly in some cases
  • VW Test functional Invalid Identifier did not work with service 2E
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