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DaVinci Developer 3.0.49 SP2


With Service Pack 2 (Update to 3.0 Build 49), the following changes become effective:

Tool features:

  • Support of AUTOSAR schema version 3.1.4 and 3.0.6 in import/export and ECU-C synchronization.
  • In addition to importing an ECU-Extract of System-Description the import of a System-Description containing more than one ECU is now supported by selecting the ECU to import.
  • RTE measurement supported by specifying the according parameters at the Calibration Elements, Calibration Parameters, Inter-Runnable Variables, and in the global generation parameters.
  • Specification of an Rx-Filter is now possible at the receiver communication specification.
  • Minimum start interval can now be specified in the runnable properties.
  • Double data mapping for a signal is now allowed if the Tx/Rx direction differs, i.e. the same signal can be used as sender and receiver.

Usability enhancements:

  • Newly created ECU projects using the DaVinci Project Assistant now contain default entries for generators/configurators.
  • Automatic creation of server runnables can now be configured with an additional pre- or post-fix for the runnable name.
  • New feature in the signal data-mapping editor to create ECU delegation port prototypes, which matches the Tx/Rx-Signals of an ECU project.
  • ECU-C file synchronization no longer requires a specific AUTOSAR package structure.
  • Graphic export to the Windows clipboard can now be initiated with Ctrl-G. Graphic file export now supports exporting of all sheets in one step.

Fixed issues:

  • Multiple instantiation of service components in the service mapping editor is now prevented.
  • Wrong consistency check message about overflow in 64 bit data type range fixed.
  • In some dialogs the edit controls were disabled instead of read-only which inhibits copying of the text content.
  • Unexpected additional enumeration data type was created during ARXML import if COMPU-CONSTs exists for non-integer data-types.
  • Missing consistency check for init values at the port's communication specification if two SWC receiving the same signal, but the port interfaces have different init values.
  • Inconsistent rounding of imported values in DBC and ARXML with a precision of more than 15 digits fixed.
  • Consistency check for different receiver invalid handling did not work for external communication.
  • Unexpected empty XML element <SD GID="edve:ValRef"></SD> was exported for calibration parameters without init value.
  • Show reference in object usage dialogs did not work if the object usage dialog was started on a object from within the search result list.
  • Changing an ECU-Project's ECU-C-File does not always trigger an ECU-C sync if another tools hold an ECU-C lock.
  • Updating an ECU-Project with a file that contains frames with equal (case-insensitive) SHORT-NAMEs had failed.
  • Automatic ECU-C synchronization have not detected generation parameter changes if the parameters were changed the second time.
  • ECU-C file could not be found in DCF Utility because of using relative paths.
  • ECU-Project settings could not be edited with DaVinci Project Assistant if the DPA file reference contains a relative path.
  • Import ARXML from path containing Japanese characters failed.
  • Parameters for Component Implementation Template Generation and Contract Phase Header Generation were mixed up in newly created ECU-Projects using the DaVinci Project Assistant.
  • Too many ECU-C signals were created if PDU routing is designed when a frame is transmitted but not all signals have a tx relation.
  • DaVinci crashed when a multi-selection of ECU-Projects is about to be exported to ARXML.
  • DCF workspace could not be saved after modification if a Port-Prototype was deleted which was referenced by a Runnable's trigger.
  • DaVinci crashed after deletion of the mode declaration group prototype with already used name.
  • Compiler/Linker error due to inconsistent callback definitions for ports without port access but AliveTimout > 0.
  • Tx callback was exported for Rx signal if the signal was sent and received on the same network.
  • Task type was not correctly imported from ECU-C if different Os BSWMD contains a platform specific package.
  • In rare cases update of an ECU-Project via XML import with ECU-Extract and ECU-C file failed with error message "Item already exists".
  • Importing an ECU-Extract using the Diff&Merge feature had corrupted the data mapping if additional signals or signal groups have been added.
  • Service mapping was missing when exporting service layer components to ARXML or DCF.
  • Record constants with invalid element order were created based on a Signal-Group.
  • In some cases the error message "Receivers of the data element prototype <SignalName> handle the Rx-Filter on a different way." was reported even if the Rx-Filter were correctly defined.
  • Rte's Com-Callbacks for Signal-Groups use wrong Group-Signal identifiers if a Fan-In of Signal-Groups with mapping different frames of the same cluster exists.
  • Generated Rte contains several callback functions with the same name if a signal is mapped to one pdu which in turn is mapped to several frames and the Rte has to generate a callback function for this signal.
  • Bad performance while switching from structure design to port prototype view solved by specifiying the livst view as default editor for non-graphic use-cases.
  • ECU-C sychronize of Init Values produced unnecessary warning output.
  • Init value check for the Data Mapping did not work.
  • Incorrect Exclusive Area Access after DCF loading if AR 2.1 SWC are used together with AR 3.0 ECU-C file.
  • Attribute definition inconsistencies were not reported during DCF loading.
  • Inconsistent NvM block and PDAV order was not reported by a check.
  • Signal's unit was not imported via LDF file.
  • Crash has been fixed while opening ECU Project Software Design editor after large SWC was updated by importing new SWC definition.
  • Loading of global generic attribute definitions has been restructured to avoid overwriting with local attribute definition during DCF loading.
  • Wrong consistency message concerning maximum values was displayed due to rounding problems in physical value calculation.
  • Workspace settings were reset on saving a DCF workspace as DEV.
  • Read-only ECU-Projects were missing after loading a DEV workspace which was created out of an DCF workspace.
  • Crash during DCF save has been fixed if many read-only DCF files are about to be stored.
  • Signal length was set to null after a LDF file has been updated through the ECU-Project signal list.
  • Data mapping was missing after loading DCF workspace if atomic software components were multiply instantiated within an ECU-Project.
  • Update icon was not correctly displayed in Attached-Files dialog.

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