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Test Automation Editor 1.1 SP3


Feature enhancemenets:

  • Terms "test pattern", "test primitive", "control functions" introduced, consistently with CANoe 7.2
  • Parameterization of test patterns for fault memory access now fully supported (available since CANoe 7.2)
  • FlexRay symbols visualization and drag & drop completed
  • Symbolic selection dialog is now aware of diagnostic trouble codes and diagnostic overloaded responses
  • Drag & drop of VT System channels to the VT System control function is now possible
  • replay test primitive: Filename can be assigned now comfortably by using a file open dialog
  • range comparisons using relative mode (with factors): Input is now checked to be always positive


  • System variables that are stored in a separate file in CANoe are now visualized correctly
  • Rare error condition on rename of test case templates corrected
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