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CANdito 3.0 SP5


With Service Pack 5, the following changes become effective:

General Usage
  • Fixed problem with protected configuration having a floating graphic window.
  • Fixed measurement data issue when using "save signals" from graphic windows in specific cases.
Measurement (Enhanced measurement data acquisition)
  • Fixed sorting issue when inserting signals into measurement configuration.
  • Fixed measurement explorer instability after deleting signals imported by *.cfg file.
  • Fixed execution order of functions (according to measurement configuration) for modes OnStart, OnStop.
MATLAB/Simulink Support
  • Support of automatic generation of global variables for MATLAB/Simulink DLLs with buffered input blocks.
Diagnostic (More extensive diagnostic options)
  • CANditoFlash: Fixed issue which lead to empty XML nodes when saving changes for tab "VFC | Files".
  • Override of byte padding handling (DLC) in Diagnostics driver settings dialog corrected.
  • All vehicle system group primitives are shown as active in Diagnostic Console Window even without detection patterns (or disabled detection).
  • Functional Tester Present messages are still sent periodically in presence of other functional requests
  • ODX improvements (improved support of unit qualifiers for COM-PARAMs, corrected handling if table-keys of different services reference the same conversion, handling of iterations inside a MUX improved, etc.).
  • Variant Identification works even if shortcut qualifiers are overridden in CDD.
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