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DaVinci Developer 3.0.76 SP3


With Service Pack 3 (Update to 3.0 Build 76), the following changes become effective:

Tool features:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 is now supported.
  • DaVinci Installation Setup now allows maintenance of an existing installation and installation of a new instance in parallel with the same Service Pack version.
  • Parameter for RTE online calibration can now be configured in the context of the 'Generation Parameters' View.
  • Enhanced handling for Signal-Groups to allow that a receiver of a Signal-Group / complex Data-Type receives only a subset of the data.
  • DaVinci Project Assistant now supports setting up projects on DBC, LDF, FIBEX files that will automatically converted into an AUTOSAR ECU-Extract.
  • DaVinci Developer can now work on ECU-C files which are split into module specific files to allow different users to work on different modules in parallel.
  • Extension of Multiple-ECU support to explicit overlay Tx/Rx signals and allow PDU overlay of PDUs with optional signals.
  • New dialog for automatic connection of ports with enhanced matching algorithm and selection of desired connections in prior to apply the auto-connect.
  • For Project Assistant projects the DaVinci workspace format can now be changed from DEV to DCF and vice versa.
  • New command-line tool DVWspChecker, which allows consistency checking of an ECU-Project or Component-Type in the specified DVW- or DCF-workspace.
  • New configuration option to disable the init value check for unused ports (without port-access and without calibration parameter). IMPORTANT NOTE: disable the check requires MICROSAR RTE version 2.17.2 for correct code generation.
  • DaVinci Project Assistant now support creating of projects based on existing non-DPA projects and creation of DPA-projects with module-split ECU-C files.

Usability enhancements:

  • Ports list view is now available for ECU Software Composition.
  • OS-Counter parameter will now initially set to Os/SystemTimer when creating new alarms.
  • Consistency message results can now be exported into a log file.
  • DaVinci Project Assistant menu and Model Check menu is now available even if ECU-Project sub-items are selected.
  • Service mapping update no longer closes the complete editor tree after editing service mappings.
  • Graphical connections are now highlighted when selected a port or a cross-sheet connector.
  • Navigation in Software Design editor is now possible by clicking on a delegation port.

Fixed issues:

  • Float number format in ECU-C has been adapted to match format used in DaVinci Configurator Pro and GENy to avoid file differences.
  • Fixed importing an ECU-Extract using the Diff&Merge feature to avoid corrupted communication information due to wrong merge algorithm.
  • ECU-C file consistency dialog no longer opens up when saving the workspace.
  • Obsolete check message is no longer displayed after fixing an inconsistent Data-Element-Prototype at the Component-Type's port.
  • Errors message for unconnected ports and non-matching Data-Element-Prototypes are now split into separate specific messages.
  • In some cases the DaVinci DEV application could not be closed through the task-bar menu.
  • Alive timeout handling was falsely enabled if the value was set to 0.0 instead to 0.
  • In some cases an editor update was missing on creation/deletion of runnables.
  • Service Need names were not checked for uniqueness.
  • ComSignal(Group)s were not found in ECU-C in the Multiple-ECU configuration of PDU as Overlay-PDU which contains optional signals in the master ECU-Extract.
  • File version checking of the MECU schema version has been corrected.
  • During ARXML import the remember-option is now disabled on special import mode condition, if only new-mode is allowed.
  • RteEvent references will now correctly resolved if ECU-C uses short names with 32 chars but ECU-Extract uses short names with 128 characters.
  • DCF load aborted when the DCF AUTOSAR version was different from the ECU-C AUTOSAR version.
  • In some cases DEV requested an ECU-C lock although it was not the active application.
  • Bugfix in the placeholder replacement of $(GENDATAFOLDER) when the following character is a double quote.
  • ECU-Project consistency check crashed if several runnables exist which were triggered by an OnModeEntry event.
  • AUTOSAR Import/Export ignored the Communication-Specifications at the ECU delegation ports.
  • Missing popup menu entries at ECU-Project Connector-List editor for changing port prototypes.
  • Installation setup has defined wrong working directory entry in the DaVinci Developer desktop link.
  • ARXML import created Enum-Types without enumerator instead of Integer-Type if the scaling at the data type had defined an own range.
  • DCF workspace could not be saved if multiplexed communication was used.
  • DaVinci Difference analyzer stopped with error 0x800407D0 in XPath Expression at xsl:if "Too many items - string" if calibration parameter init values were defined.
  • In rare cases the ECU-C synchronization moves the ECU-Configuration tag in the ARXML file if a module configuration (e.g. of a 3rd Party module) in the ECU-C file exists, that has a Short-Name that comes in the alphabetical order before the 'ActiveECUC' Package.
  • ARXML import aborts with E_FAIL error code when importing renamed record data-types referenced by record constants.
  • Wrong ComSignal handles in Rte because ARXML import did not update the message to signal relation correctly in overwrite import mode.
  • Main window could not be restored if it was minimized running on Windows 7.
  • Wrong Init-Value consistency check message was reported if obsolete communication specifications existed.
  • Wrong display of some dialog controls on Chinese Windows has been corrected.
  • Auto-Connect created a connection between C/S and S/R which resulted in a consistency error.
  • Auto-Mapping has created wrong or inconsistent signal group mapping if naming rules and compatibility of elements was ambiguously.
  • If NvM memory blocks were configured and the according NvM service component was imported the consistency check may have been crashed.
  • Rte callbacks were missing if the same system signal was mapped on Rx and Tx port.
  • Signal's unit was not imported via LDF file.
  • Crash has been fixed while opening ECU Project Software Design editor after large SWC was updated by importing new SWC definition.
  • Loading of global generic attribute definitions has been restructured to avoid overwriting with local attribute definition during DCF loading.
  • Wrong consistency message concerning maximum values was displayed due to rounding problems in physical value calculation.
  • Setup gave an error message that product is not installed when using the repair option.
  • Constraints and Limits properties of the data element prototype were ignored when importing.
  • In rare cases DCF load restored a wrong order index of the Task-Mapping
  • Unintended message was shown if the ECU-Configuration file has been changed while closing DaVinci workspace
  • Top-Level connections were not correctly removed during ECU-Extract update
  • Obsolete ModeDisablingDependencies were not removed correctly during import.
  • Import of Multiple ECU Extract aborted with 'Item already in Set' error.
  • Workspace settings were reset on saving a DCF workspace as DEV.
  • Read-only ECU-Projects were missing after loading a DEV workspace which was created out of an DCF workspac.
  • Crash during DCF save has been fixed if many read-only DCF files are about to be stored.
  • Signal length was set to null after a LDF file has been updated through the ECU-Project signal list.
  • Data mapping was missing after loading DCF workspace if atomic software components were multiply instantiated within an ECU-Project.
  • Update icon was not correctly displayed in Attached-Files dialog.
  • Save Workspace As failed, if the workspace was read-only because it was created with a newer DaVinci version.
  • ARXML import of incorrect MODE-DEPENDENCY aborted with "Unknown error" instead of printing an error message.
  • Special import feature couldn't be executed if a Project Assistant file was referenced in the ECU-Project.
  • An update of an ECU-Project failed with the message "Invalid argument" if a mapped Per-Instance-Memory wasn't overwritten due to the Import-Mode-Preset attribute.
  • Import of incorrect EXCLUSIVE-AREA-ACCESS aborted with "Unknown error" if the references to the exclusive area was invalid.
  • If the P-Port was a delegation port of a SW-Composition it was unable to connect an R-Port because of wrong incompatible direction error message.
  • If multiplexed ECUs exists the DaVinci DEV added ComSignal callbacks to the ECU-Configuration but the functions are not generated by the Rte generator.
  • Rte generation failed with an internal error if an ARXML with multiple mapping of the same system signal has been imported in prior.
  • After loading a DCF workspace the data mapping was lost for delegation ports which received a subset of a signal group.
  • ARXML import crashed if LIN event triggered frames were imported.
  • Import-Mode-Preset attribute didn't work for Mode Disabling Dependencies and port related triggers in the 'keep' use-case.
  • Save workspace in DCF format didn't work if BSWMD files with command line macros are specified in the ECU-Project.
  • OS Application dialog crashed on editing an existing OS Application if more than one OS Application is defined for a task.
  • A signal was treated as received through a frame although no rx relation existed. This results in an incorrect ECU-C synchronization because the signal was actually not used on Com layer.
  • Rte generation was wrong because Rx signal relation was missing for Tx/Rx signals sent between two instances of a Multiple-ECU project.
  • Calibration port init values were not correctly updated on ARXML import of existing software components.
  • Graphic update was missing if 'complete delegation port' has been executed in a separate view.
  • Data mapping was not imported/updated correctly in ARXML import of a Multiple-Ecu configuration with complex data types.
  • Data mapping was lost on loading DCF workspace if not all data elements of a delegation port were connected to an atomic port prototype.
  • USB dongle access caused GUI freeze in some situations.
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