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The new VN8810 - Intelligent Diagnostics & Flashing with WiFi Connectivity
Full Control over your Test Data and Test Activities
Valuable Know-how and Important Information About Events, Webinars and Trainings

Welcome to Vector

For 25 years, Vector has been your partner for development of embedded electronics.
More than 1,400 employees at 18 locations worldwide support manufacturers and
suppliers in the automotive industry and related sectors with a professional platform
of tools, software components and services for developing embedded systems.

About Vector

Jobs at Vector

Do you like to set new professional challenges for yourself? We are always interested in people who approach their work with passion, commitment and professionalism.

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Vector offers numerous seminars and workshops dealing with Vector software tools, Vector standard software components, AUTOSAR and current bus technologies and protocols.

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ASAP2 ToolsCAN Driver DIAdemCAN Driver for LabVIEWCANalyzerCANapeCANbeddedCANboardXLCANcablesCANcabsCANcardXLCANcardXLeCANdb++CANdbLibCANdelaStudioCANdescCANextenderCANgpsCANgraphCANisterCANlogCANoeCANstressCDM StudioCOMPASSD-PDU APIDaVinci Configurator ProDaVinci DeveloperDiVaFlash BootloaderGL-Logger FamilieGL1000GL2000GL3000GL4000IndigoLINcabsMDF4 LibMICROSARNetwork DesignerODXStudioosCANPassThru XL LibraryPCMCIA DrivePREEvisionRP1210 APISCOPESyncBox XLvADASdeveloperVC121-12vCDMVector OpenTestvFlashVN1600VN2600VN5610VN7572VN7600VN7610VN8810VN8900vSignalyzerVT SystemvTESTcentervTESTstudioVX0312VX1000

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