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Data Description

User-friendly display and edit description files

Three types of description files play a key role in ECU calibration. They describe:

  • Internal ECU variables [more ...]
  • Different communication networks [more ...]
  • Diagnostic services and data as well as the flash process [more ...]

ASAP2 Tool-Set for creating, checking, updating, merging and comparing ASAP2 Files.ASAP2 Editor for creating and visualization of standardized ASAP2 ECU description files.Network Designer to design the network architecture and the data communication of distributed ECU systems.CANdelaStudio to optimize the diagnostic development process by using a central database.View and edit ODX diagnostic data – simply and conveniently with ODXStudioCANape for measuring, calibrating, diagnosing and flashing ECUs.

CANape simplifies data handling considerably by letting you select data objects symbolically, independent of address and origin, and display it in physical units.

To make it easier to display and edit description files, CANape contains various viewers and editors for all types of description files. Furthermore, dedicated high-performance authoring tools make it easier for you to create A2L, DBC, FIBEX, LDF, ODX files and others.

Supporting you in data description of internal ECU variables

CANape contains an editor so that you can easily edit ECU description files in ASAP2 format. The following tools, which are available separately, support you in working with ECU description files:

Generate, update, merge and compare ASAP2 filesASAP2 Tool-Set
Functional library for reading in ASAP2 filesASAP2 Editor
Create and visualize ECU description filesASAP2 Lib
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