Vector as a Partner in Car2x Development

Vector as a Partner in Car2x Development

Vector can support you in these new technologies, based on its many years of experience with development and measurement tools for communication systems in vehicles and mature software components.

CANoe, the proven development tool for simulation, monitoring and testing, now supports radio communication based on WLAN IEEE 802.11p. As a user you benefit from:

  • Parallel processing of WLAN with CAN, FlexRay, LIN, MOST and others. This creates a communicative connection between the vehicle world with its internal bus systems and the outside world.
  • Display, logging and filtering of WLAN frames
  • A key aspect of WLAN communication is the protocols that are used. In the end, however, it is the actual and target variables– referred to as signals – that are transmitted which determine the behavior of functions. Here CANoe places great emphasis on universal representation and makes full use of the analogy to signals transmitted via CAN, FlexRay, etc.
  • Interactive sending of packets via the WLAN Packet Builder
  • Program-controlled sending of packets via CAPL. This lets you create simulations and test fixtures.
  • Optional integration of a map display to represent Road Side Units or a vehicle. This produces the relationship between signals and the driving situation.
  • CANoe.Car2x requires a hardware interface module for real IEEE 802.11p wireless communication. Any of a number of modules available from different manufacturers may be integrated via an open interface based on Ethernet. Examples include various modules that Vector has already used:
    • Cohda Radio
    • Continental CCU
    • Delphi CRPU
    • Denso WSU
    • NEC Linkbird
  • The use of RF modules is largely avoided in development work at office workstations. CANoe.Car2x supports this working mode with the VCU virtual RF adapter, which makes it easy to develop application models and test models. By retaining the identical interface, no software modifications are needed when switching over to physical RF.

Screenshot CANoe.Car2x

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