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CANstress: handliches Hardwaremodul zum Stören des CAN-Bus

CANstressD and CANstressDR - Resistance on the Network

What is CANstress?

CAN networks are highly tolerant in respect of disturbances of the bus communication and failures. In order to test whether a system is behaving properly in these cases, a device used to disturb the CAN bus, its physical properties and the logical levels (recessive and/or dominant) in a targeted, reproducible way. With CANstressD (Digital) or CANstressDR (Digital and Resistor Network), the CAN developer uses a standalone hardware module as a comprehensive disturbance instrument.

Overview of Advantages

  • Reproducible simulation of line failures
  • Examination of disturbance handling by CAN systems
  • Comfortable configuration via a Windows operating program
  • Wide range of trigger sources and disturbance modes
  • Simple integration in any test environments


Line failures, like error statuses in accordance with ISO 11898 or bit corruption, are reproducibly simulated with CANstress. Furthermore the disturbance handling by CAN systems is examined.

Different disturbance modes can be activated with various trigger sources.

CANstress is configured and controlled via a Windows operating program.


Application Areas

Optimum development and test environments are achieved through the use of a CANstress module together with other test and analysis tools of the Vector tool chain, such as CANalyzer, CANoe, and the option SCOPE.

Via the COM automation interface CANstress is integrated into any test environments. E.g. CANstress is used as disturbance module in the CANoe test package VAG.

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