CANgraph 11.0

Graphically Supported, Signal-oriented Offline Evaluation of Measurement Data

CANgraph is a convenient tool for efficiently evaluating measurement files of all types offline. Measurement data acquired in network development, analysis and ECU calibration may be read-in from various formats and further processed. These include the widely used MDF format, CSV and ATF formats and all formats generated by CANalyzer/CANoe. Furthermore, it is possible to import measurement data from files with table structures. CANgraph offers you the same offline analysis capabilities as CANape and is therefore ideal for evaluating extensive logger data.

Features and Advantages

The CANgraph evaluation program displays the recorded measurement data as physical process data in time diagrams. User-friendly display elements and extensive zoom and measurement functions simplify data evaluation for you. You can use both the extensive CANape function library and external DLLs for automated analysis.

Application Areas

The CANgraph offline evaluation program graphically displays any desired measurement data and processes them further. This makes CANgraph the ideal tool for manual and automated evaluation of measurement data in network development, analysis and ECU calibration.

Screenshot CANgraph

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