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CANcaseXL log

Two-in-One: Bus Interface and Data Logger for CAN, LIN, J1708 and CCP/XCP with USB 2.0

CANcaseXL log combines two products in one device:

  • a professional CAN/LIN/J1708 bus interface with USB 2.0 interface,
  • a logger for simple logging of bus traffic during test drives or in the test laboratory.

Features and Advantages:

CANcaseXL log equals technically CANcaseXL. Additionally equipped with a memory card interface for SD cards, CANcaseXL log can be operated independent of a PC and can save up to 2 GByte of data from CAN, LIN or J1708 systems. The data logger is configured via its own configuration tool. Measurement data are transferred to a PC by USB or by memory card. There they can be evaluated using CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape, or CANgraph. CANcaseXL log also offers export options to different file formats, like ASCII (as input for MS Excel).
When used as an interface for CAN, LIN or J1708, it has the same excellent features as the Vector CAN/LIN interfaces.

Interface Functions:

  • Sending and receiving of Data and Remote Frames
  • Silent mode for listening on a CAN bus without influencing it
  • Detecting and generating of Error Frames
  • Time synchronization
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple devices

General Data Logger Functions:

  • Easy to use graphic configuration tool
  • Logging of CAN, LIN and J1708 message data with memory capacity of up to 2 GByte on SD card
  • Measured values are read out over USB interface at approx. 300 kByte/sec or at approx. 3 MByte/sec using a standard SD card reader
  • Booting time: approx. 1 second
  • File Manager for organizing and converting log files to MDF, BLF and ASCII formats
  • Fast conversion of logging data (about 3 min. for 1 GB)
  • Signaling by buzzer


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