CANape - Measuring, Calibrating, Diagnosing and Flashing ECUs

What is CANape?

The primary application area of CANape is in optimizing parameterization (calibration) of electronic control units. Calibrate parameter values and simultaneously acquire measurement signals during system runtime. The physical interface between CANape and the ECU might be made via the CAN bus with CCP or XCP, for example.

Additionally CANape offers symbolic access to diagnostic data and services. As a result it has all relevant integrated functions for measurement, calibration, flashing and diagnostics.

Highlights of CANape 13.0

  • Printing and reporting
  • Multifaceted statistical methods
  • Standalone bypassing
  • Automotive Ethernet & SOME/IP


  • Open and flexible platform, since it is based on standards
  • Measurement data can be acquired time-synchronously from many different sources
  • Convenient calibration and management of parameters
  • High-performance interface to ECUs for maximum data transfer rates
  • Easy to incorporate analog measurement equipment with high sampling rates
  • User-friendly visualization Simulink/Stateflow models
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